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KYC and AML Policy

Our company puts every effort to prevent money laundering and financing of terrorism as part of international antiterrorism and organized crime protection.

Money laundering is the process when a person or a legal entity tries to transform the proceeds of crime into ostensibly legitimate money without attracting any kind of attention from authorities.

As a rule, such criminal money transformed to a legal financial system are further chanelled to illegal activities such as arms smuggling, drug smuggling, illegal gambling, etc.

For this reason, to prevent money laundering our company can request some documents confirming your identity and origin of funds. In particular, it can be a scanned copy of your ID (passport), driving license or a bank card, bank statement, etc.

Please pay attention that if you deposit funds to your personal account using a bank card, you will only be able to withdraw funds to the same particulars.

If you use any of your bank cards for the first time to deposit funds to your account, please upload a scanned or a photo copy of your card in your Personal office.

The following data must be shown on the face of the bank card: full name of the cardholder, emitting bank, expiry date, 4 first and 4 last digits of the card number.

Only signature of the cardholder must be shown on the back side, the code must be hidden.

If you make a deposit using an online or an unembossed card, please submit a scanned copy of an official letter with the stamp of the emitting bank on it confirming you are the owner of the card. The letter must contain the card number and full name of the cardholder.

Você está apenas um passo para multiplicar seu dinheiro

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