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What are cryprocurrencies and how can I make profit at Verum Crypto

Cryptocurrency is a virtual currency that is actually a digital code protected from forgery. Cryptocurrency, unlike a standard currency, does not exist in the form of notes or coins: it is operated only online.

  • Facts about Cryptocurrencies:

    1 Cryptocurrency is not issued by a central bank of any country, but is freely generated using software capacities. Production (gaining) of cryptocurrencies is called mining.

    2 Cryptocurrency cannot be controlled centrally, and it does not depend on the bank system. This is why nowadays, when numerous investors lose confidence in traditional currencies, digital money become so popular.

    3 Digital currency actively roots into the world financial structure: cryptocurrency is now a market asset that can be traded.

    The first and most popular currency nowadays is bitcoin — it was created by a developer with nickname Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008. In 2009 for the first time we had Bitcoin/USD currency rate, and at that time 1 Bitcoin could be bought for less than 1 USD. Today Bitcoin cost exceeds the initial figure in thousands of times, as due to rapid development of high technologies demand for virtual money is constantly growing!

    In addition to Bitcoin, there are such currencies as Dash, Ethereum, Litecoin – all of them can be found in Verum Crypto trading platform

  • Why trading is more paying than mining?

    Mining, or gaining Bitcoins online, is a very complicated and costly business. It requires specialized high power software for dozens of thousands of USD — in addition to colossal expenditures for electricity.

    Of course, while cryptocurrencies grow in price, such investments may seem payable, but financial experts warn everyone: any growth at some point of time is changed by decrease, and a rising trend is always changed by a falling one. Profits from mining can be expected for months, and even years. And what if the currency rate falls during this time? Then investment won’t pay off at all.

    And trading at Verum Crypto is today the most promising way of making money on cryptocurrencies. It is the best suited method to profit from every fluctuation of quotations of digital currencies.

  • Benefits of trading cryptocurrencies with Verum Crypto:

    1 You don’t need to be a computer geek: you only need to forecast if the cryptocurrency rate goes up or down in a certain period of time. Make a right forecast — and get instant profit!

    You don’t need any complicated equipment. You can trade on Verum Crypto platform using a standard PC or smartphone.

    Minimum initial investments. Even if you have only 10 USD, it will be enough, as minimum investment per trade in our trading platform is 3 USD!

    4 It doesn’t matter if the rate goes up or down — with Verum Crypto you can make profit from any price movement. Do you see the cryptocurrency rate breaks the new price records? Open a trade for the price growth and make profit! And if the market falls down, just open a trade for the price decrease — and you profit again!

    5 Cryptocurrencies is a great base asset. Now, when virtual currencies actively develop, their prices constantly and significantly change. And every price fluctuation is your chance to make money!

    Try cryptocurrencies in Verum Crypto platform and make profit fast, easy, and with comfort!

Verum Crypto — it’s time to make money fast and easy!

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You are just in one step to multiply your money

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