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What is CFD and how can I make money

CFD is "contract for difference of prices" i.e. it is a financial tool that allows making profit from the difference of prices of a market asset. Verum Option brokerage platform allows making profit when trading CFD for shares, stock indices, bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, currency pairs, and commodities. In other words, the full range of base assets is at your disposal.


Just as binary options, contract for difference is an off-exchange tool. It means that when trading CFD you don’t need to buy or sell the asset itself: you just make a forecast if its price increases or decreases, and open a corresponding trade. If your forecast is correct, you get profit, and the profit amount depends on the range between the opening price and the closing price of the trade.

  • How CFD is different from binary options

    Несмотря на сходство с опционами, принцип торговли CFD, скорее, напоминает Форекс: здесь также есть стоп-лосс, тейк-профит и кредитное плечо.

    • Stop Loss is an order to close a trading operation under a given loss rate. In case of CFD stop loss is equal to the investment amount, that is even if your trade turns out to be a loss, the account balance cannot be negative.
    • Take Profit limits your profit and helps the trader close a winning trade. It seems that the trader does not really need to set Stop Loss, because who would want to close a trade while it brings profit? But one cannot always figure out when the trend changes, and it's impossible to constantly follow the price movements. It often happens that the trader gets distracted, the market changes its direction, and his potentially winning trade changes to a losing one. And if the profit level is fixed in advance, the trader can trade with comfort: as soon as the profit reaches your selected level, the trade will be automatically closed with profit. Take Profit level can also be selected by the trader himself.
    • Leverage allows for making higher profits under minor investments thanks to funds borrowed from the broker. Technically, it is the ratio of the broker’s borrowed funds and the trader’s invested funds. For example, if you invested $100 to a trade and used 1:10 leverage, your contract size is $1000. Therefore, if your contract is a win, you will gain profit not from 100 USD, but from 1000 USD. But you should be careful: if you’re a beginner and do not have enough trading experience, start with minimum leverage to avoid risk of a major loss.

    CFD is different from binary options because CFD does not offer fixed payouts, and the larger is the difference between the prices, the higher is the profit from the trading operation. This is why CFD contracts are so popular when the market is highly volatile or under a strong trend.

    In addition, binary options usually offer a short and fixed expiration time - for instance, 15 minutes. And contracts for difference perfectly suit traders for intraday trading and even long-term trading, and you have the right to close the position at any time prior to its expiry.

  • How CFD is different from Forex

    As you can see, CFD is quite similar to Forex, and this is why traders who used to trade Forex prefer this type of contracts. Why so?

    Unlike Forex, where one can trade only currency pairs, CFD allows trading numerous types of market assets. And trading CFD is much easier than trading stocks or commodities (these market assets are base assets here). As for cryptocurrencies, CFD in Verum Option platform is a unique tool, as no other exchange floor offers such fast and easy profits from digital currencies.

    Forex trading usually requires larger investments, and a single CFD contract can cost only 25 USD.

    The Forex market is open 24/5, and some base assets are open for CFD trading 24/7. Agree, it is one more advantage.

    Try trading CFD-contracts in our company’s platform and see for yourself it’s easy, convenient, and highly beneficial! And let your every trade bring profit!

You’re a stone’s throw from your profit – start to make profit today!

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You are just in one step to multiply your money

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