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You are just in one step to multiply your money

5 Simple Steps to Trade Options

Do you know how easy is to trade with Verum Option Company? You just need to make 5 simple steps.


Choose Your Asset

More than 200 assets are available to you on our platform – currency, raw materials, securities, and commodities. Just choose what you need, of course, it is desirable to trade options on those assets that are familiar to you. The more you know about the asset market, the greater chances you have to make a correct prediction and get the profit.


Determine the Expiration Date

Set your option validity: you can select the period just from 1 minute to 1 year. Imagine that even after 60 seconds, your capital can be significantly increased!


Enter the Amount

Choose the amount that you want to invest in the deal. The minimum amount of the contract is $1. By the way, you can buy not just one, but several options to get much more profit. There are no limits for profit when you’re trading with Verum Option!


Set the Price Movement Direction

Do your best and predict how the asset price will perform – up or down – and make your choice. If at the time of option expiration quotes change in the desired direction by at least 1 point, then you’ll get your profit that is known before option even is opened!


Place the Trade

Confirm your trade opening and wait for what it will bring. You can reduce risk by using the Rollover feature or increase your profits by using the Doubling feature while option is still valid.

You see it is simple and clear. Even if you've never tried to trade binary options, we are confident that you will succeed with the Verum Option! We wish you the most successful deals!

You are just in one step to multiply your money

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