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You are just in one step to multiply your money

VIP Group

Are you ready to conquer the highest peaks of the CFD market?

Welcome to VIP Group —

a club of true professionals! Here you can find the most appealing trading conditions that will open new horizons of financial success to you!

Advantages of VIP-status:

More beneficial trading conditions

  • maximum amount per trade is 3000 USD
  • spread lowered by 20%
  • higher leverage on all assets
  • take profit on cryptocurrencies CFD increased to 300%

Special Care

We appreciate cooperation with you, and this is why we strive to give you maximum attention and care. You will have your personal manager – a highly qualified agent ready at any time to give you advice and assistance on all products and services of Verum Option.

Favorable Banking

Every deposit and withdrawal of funds is commission-free. Your every trade should be not only successful, but effective as well. Benefit from every dime!

How to obtain VIP-status?

It’s extremely easy! You need to fill in the relevant form confirming you’d like to join the VIP-group or contact us at [email protected]

Please note that when you request VIP-status, your account balance must be not less than 500 USD*.

When our VIP Department accepts, processes and approves your request, your personal manager will inform you about obtaining VIP-status. From now on you can earn even higher profits on the CFD market with comfort!

Join the VIP-group and become true elite of trading:

* Your account balance must be not less than 500 USD for you to remain VIP client. If your deposit is less than 500 USD, we will send you a reminder, and if you’d like to remain a member of our VIP-group, you will need to add funds to at least $500 balance within a week. You can add funds in two ways:

  • deposit funds
  • earn profit when trading CFD in Verum Option platform

If in one week your account balance is still less than 500 USD, your account will be automatically put back to standard conditions.
You can request VIP-status again at any convenient time on standard conditions, i.e. after depositing not less than 1000 USD to your account.

You are just in one step to multiply your money

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