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Notification about the risks that associated with CFD/Forex trading


Verum Option Company (hereinafter the Company) does not bear responsibility for losses suffered by the Client as a result of using materials of the Company’s site, namely: market data, educational materials, trading charts, price quotes and other information.


Displayed on the Company website quotes and market data provides by the agency Thomson Reuters. Please note that the quotes on the website may differ slightly from the real time quotations at the stock exchange.


CFD/Forex trading is a high-risk activity, so it can not be suitable for all the traders. In the process of trading Client can lose all his trading deposit or part of it. In this regard, the Company warns Clients about the responsibility for their trading activities and recommends to use during trading only such amount of money, loss of which will not lead to critical consequences.


CFD/Forex are the contracts on the price fluctuations of the one or another market assets; CFD/Forex trading carries a high probability of losses, because the financial market can be unpredictable. When trading CFD/Forex, the Client:

  • Understands money, legal and other risks and accepts them

  • Has a certain understanding of the financial markets functioning and understands the principles of trading CFD/Forex

  • Has sufficient funds to cover possible losses in case of losing the sum exceeding the amount of deposit.

The Company pays attention to the fact that investment in CFD/Forex are not suitable for non-government pension funds.


The Client is obliged to maintain a constant required margin level for all transactions opened by him. The Client must independently monitor the level of his trading balance.

The Client is obliged to continuously maintain the required level of margin of the open positions. Client’s account balance monitoring is his/her responsibility. If the margin on the account is deemed insufficient, the Client may receive a request to deposit an additional amount of money. Company has the right to forcibly liquidate any open positions or all positions at any time, if the margin level requirements are not respected, and this may lead to the closure of CFD/Forex and foreign exchange contracts with the loss, that you will be required to cover.


Company is the only counterparty of the Client to transactions that are carried out by him under the Customer Agreement. Company makes all non-cash payments without the involvement of a third party, so the Company is the sole guarantor of all Clients’ payment transactions. In the event of conflict of interests of the parties or any claims concerning the funds on the trading account Client should refer only to the Company's specialists.


Company provides the Client with a trading platform that ensures instant execution of trading orders and have a number of functions, which may differ from other platforms for trading CFD/Forex. Client agrees with the peculiarities of the platform functioning and assumes the risks of making transactions on the Verum Option trading platform.


Company provides to the Client only a market introductory information that could be used in trading CFD/Forex. This information should not be considered by the Client as an individual recommendations to commit transactions on purchase/sale of CFD/Forex or other trading operations. Company does not provide the Client advisory services and is not responsible for his decisions. Client should be based solely on his judgments of the need to commit a particular action. Company may not act on behalf of the client and is not responsible for his trading activities, expenses, losses, liabilities, etc.


Information about the market published on the official website of the Company and provided by the staff of the Company is not an indication of a trade action. Customer agrees that he makes all his transactions on the basis of his own opinion. Analytical data published on the website of the Company have the nature of general recommendations and is not the official position of the Company. The Company's staff provides information based on reliable market data, however, the Company does not guarantee its accuracy and relevance and does not guarantee a positive result of transactions in the case when Client concludes them on the basis of given data.


Company and its officials do not guarantee to the Client receiving a profit or not receiving losses as a result of his transactions with CFD/Forex. Client agrees that trading CFD/Forex involves risk and he has sufficient financial resources to cover potential losses.

You are just in one step to multiply your money

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