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Security & Privacy

We have made everything possible to keep your partnership with Verum Option not just convenient and profitable but secure as well. We applied state-of-art technology for protecting your personal data in order to make you confident that your every/any action is absolutely safe and secure.

Our security safeguards:


The Extended Validation Certificate EV SSL is a widely recognised sign of website security and reliability. This certificate has been specifically developed to provide complex support for online business and to prevent fishing attempts. Background of address bar, which contains our company name, is marked with green colour and it indicates that we have above-mentioned certificate.

PCI Security Standards Council

Unified standard that was developed by Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard and established by the biggest payment system — MasterCard, Visa, American Express, etc. It guarantees security of financial transactions.

Security & Privacy

In addition, you may raise your security level by following four simple rules:

  • 1
    Password selection To access Verum Option trading platform you need to select own password. You should create password that is difficult to hack. It is advisable to choose rarely used combination of 10–12 characters that includes lowercase and uppercase letters, and digits.
  • 2
    Password usage Password is your personal key so don't tell it to anyone under any circumstances. Don't keep it in plain view regardless it is written down on a paper or stored on a PC. Advisable to change your password several times per month and in case it has been compromised — change it immediately.
  • 3
    Deauthorisation Each time you are done with trading, don't forget to log out of Verum Option trading platform. To do so you should click "Exit" button. Do not save password to the system for automate login so nobody else can access trading platform.
  • 4
    Certificate verification When you conduct financial transactions on Verum Option platform you should see key or lock symbol (depends on your browser). Double-click on this symbol and you should be able to see certificate that is issued by Star Field Technology.

Coylton Services LP will never disclose any private or otherwise confidential information in regards to it clients and former clients to third parties.

If you have any question regarding confidentiality and transaction security contact our consultants.

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You are just in one step to multiply your money

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