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You are just in one step to multiply your money

Deposit of Funds Using UPayCard Wallet

Please follow our guide in order to deposit funds to your trading account at Verum Option using UPayCard e-wallet.

  • 1. If you haven’t signed up with verumoption.com website yet, please register – it will take a couple of minutes. If you already have an account at our company, enter your login and password in the authorization fields.

  • 2 In your Personal office open the 'Deposit of Funds' tab and select "UPayCard" from the list of the payment methods. If you already have a UpayCard wallet, please enter your deposit amount in the field "Amount to be credited" and enter your wallet number. Click "Proceed to Payment".

    *If you don’t have a UpayCard wallet yet, go to the step 5.
  • 3. In the next window you need to enter the code sent to your mobile phone number and e-mail address indicated when signing up.

  • 4. After you enter the code, the funds will be instantly credited to your trading account. You will see a notification of successful deposit of funds, and you will be able to proceed to trading binary options.

  • 5. If you don’t have a UpayCard wallet yet, please register it. To do so please go to the website https://www.upaycard.com/en/. Click "Free Sign Up" at the top of the website homepage.

  • 6. Fill in the registration form by entering your personal data.

  • 7. An email message with the confirmation link will be sent to your indicated mailbox. Please follow the link to confirm your email address.

  • 8. Enter your created account at UpayCard and validate your phone number by clicking "Validate".

  • 9. Deposit funds to your wallet using one of the listed payment methods.

  • 10. Now you have funds on your UpayCard wallet to make a deposit to your trading account at Verum Option. All you need to do is to transfer the desired amount of funds to your trading account (see steps 2-4) and wait for it to be credited.

  • We wish you successful trades!

You are just in one step to multiply your money

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