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You are just in one step to multiply your money

Deposit of Funds by ADVCASH E-Wallet via Payeer Payment Service

In order to deposit funds to your trading account at Verum Option using ADVCASH e-wallet, kindly follow our guide.

  • 1. If you haven’t signed up at yet, please sign up – it will take a couple of minutes. If you already have an account at Verum Option, please sign in.

  • 2. In your Personal office open tab "Deposit of Funds". In the field "Amount to be credited USD" enter the amount in USD you’d like to deposit to your account. In the field "Deposit Type" select ADVCASH from the dropdown list. Click "Proceed to Payment".

  • 3. You will be redirected to Payeer payment system webpage, where you will be able to transfer funds from your ADVCASH e-wallet to your Verum Option trading account. Enter your email address indicated when opening ADVCASH e-wallet. Click "Confirm".

  • 4. Log into ADVCASH website by entering your login and password and click "Log into ADVCASH".

  • 5. If you have several wallets in different currencies, you will need to select from a dropdown list the wallet you’d like to use. If it’s not a USD wallet, conversion fee can be charged. Then click "Continue". Funds will be transferred to your account at Verum Option.

Congratulations! Your account at the company is successfully credited. Now you can start to trade binary options with Verum Option and see for yourself that fast and easy profits are real!


You are just in one step to multiply your money

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