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You are just in one step to multiply your money

User Guide on Profit Follow

It is so easy to use Profit Follow - the tool to automatically copy trading operations. You need to make only a few steps to start to earn profit! Please follow our directions and start to earn even higher profit using skills and experience of the best traders!

  • 1. Sign up to your Personal office at Verum Option using your login and password.

  • 1.1 If you haven’t signed up yet, please use our free registration to get access to your Personal office.

  • 2. In your Personal office select the
    "Trading Platform" tab.

  • 3. In the trading platform you will see a number of options, and the "Profit Follow" button next to them. Click it.

  • 4. You will see the rating of the best Verum Option traders. In the "Top Traders" tab you will see the list of the traders whose signals you can copy.

  • 5. In the "Asset traders" tab select a market asset you’d like to work with.

  • 5.1 There will be a list of traders on every selected asset.

  • 5.2 If you do not want to select only one asset, choose "Cross-asset Trader" option, and you will get the list of all the best traders.

  • 6. Select a trader (or several traders) whose signals you’d like to copy. To make the right choice you can view some brief information on every trader:

    • trader’s total win amount
    • his success rate (percentage)
    • number of his followers (people who already copy his operations)
    • number of his trading positions
  • 7. Set your follow settings (settings to copy trading operations):

    • period during which you will copy trades of a selected trader
    • investment per every trade
    • investment limit (maximum total investment into trades copied from this selected trader)

  • 7.1 If you do not want to set any limits (total or per every trade), you should switch "No limit" bar from OFF to ON.

  • 8.Click "Follow". To follow means to copy trading operations, so as soon as you click this button, all further trading operations of your selected trader will be automatically copied to your trading account.

  • 8.1 Confirm your choice. Reports on every copied trade and its outcome will be sent to your email address indicated when signing up.

  • 9. "Followed Traders" tab shows all traders whose trading operations you copy.

  • 9.1 If you’d like to cancel copying trading operations of one of your followed traders before the follow period ends, click "Unfollow" next to the trader whose trades you do not want to copy.

  • 9.2 Confirm your choice. After this, you will receive to your registered email address at Verum Option reports on every trading operation copied from your followed traders, as well as reports on outcome of such trades and gained profit. In addition, you can monitor profit from your copied trading operations by changes of balance of your trading account.

  • We wish you successful trades!

You are just in one step to multiply your money

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