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You are just in one step to multiply your money
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  • Profitable Autumn: Reap the Harvest with Verum Option!
Autumn is high time to reap the harvest with Verum Option!

Be active, reap the harvest of points to your basket and exchange it to pleasant gainful prizes*!
More points = more opportunities to make profit!

How points are accrued

  • New clients for signing up** — 10 points
  • For depositing:

    from 50 USD — 15 points
    from 50 to 99 USD — 25 points
    from 100 to 499 USD — 75 points
    above 500 USD — 100 points
    Condition: deposited funds must be involved in trading

  • For likes/reposts:

    for repost of an action post in a social network — 5 points
    for every 10 likes of your reposts from Verum Option community added after the action is launched — 1 point

  • For video review on YouTube – 20 points

    Standards of video reviews: not less than 2 minutes, good quality, informatory

What points can be traded for

  • Real money for a trading operation (A trade as a gift) ***

    25 points — a trade for 10% of deposit amount
    50 points — a trade for 15% of deposit amount
    75 points — a trade for 20% of deposit amount
    100 points — a trade for 25% of deposit amount

  • Commission compensation

    50 points — commission-free deposits for 2 weeks
    100 points — commission-free deposits for 1 month

  • Regained bonus 1:20

    Amount of points equals to amount of bonus U. S. Dollars that will be credited to your trading account. This money can be involved in trading, and in order to withdraw it a trader needs to perform 20-time trading turnover.

Gather as much points as possible and choose how you’d like to spend them.
It’s all in your hands!
And let this spring be generous for money gifts!

* In order to exchange points, you need to contact your personal manager at the company or reach us at [email protected]

** Points are credited only for a trading account registered after the action "Profitable Autumn" is started.

*** Real money is a non-risk trading operation amounting to 10% - 25% of the deposit following the exchange of points.

And our company has some more surprises for you!

Please be reminded that you can get 20 USD of real funds if you win "Guess the Rate" contest! The contest is held from Monday to Thursday in the company’s official community on Facebook . It’s your chance to make profit from binary options with no investments at all! Go for it!

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about our company, feel free to contact "Verum Option" Customer Support. Our agents will be delighted to help you!

You are just in one step to multiply your money

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