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You are just in one step to multiply your money
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Action «50 х 50» Refund 50% of your every trade!

Would you like to learn to trade CFD? Trade with confidence, knowing that we support you and believe in your success! Trade CFD on any base assets, and your every contract amounting to 50 USD and above, will be insured to 50%!

What is trade insurance?

Insurance suggests compensation of 50% of funds invested to CFD contract amounting to 50 USD and above in case if the trade turns out to be a loss*. In this case you can send a request to Customer Care service indicating ID of your trade and have a half of the money refunded. The money will be credited back to your account, and you will be able again to use it again to trade and make profit!

«50 х 50» action is your unique chance to discover benefits of CFD:

  • CFD is a contract for difference of prices of a market asset. In order to get profit, you need to forecast increase or decrease of rate of a base asset, and the larger is the difference between the opening price and the closing price, the higher is your profit!
  • Leverage. It allows to get maximum profit even with minor investments! For instance, 1:50 leverage multiplies your investment amount by 50 times, and it means your potential profit is 50 times higher as well!
  • Trades closure available at any time. You don’t need to wait for your trade to expire any more: you can close your trade at any time if you want to minimize risks or capture current profit.
  • Convenient money management. It’s you who select take profit level — percentage of profit under which your contract will be automatically closed.
Take part in the action and make money with Verum Option easily!

* A losing trading operation is a CFD trade closed with a loss under stop-loss or under the contract expiry. If the trade is closed under stop-loss, the insurance covers 50% of the whole trade amount; in case of a partial loss under expiry of the trading operation the insurance covers 50% of lost funds. Pay attention that the insurance covers three trading operations after deposit of funds. Insurance for following trading operations covers 10% of loss.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about our company, feel free to contact "Verum Option" Customer Support. Our agents will be delighted to help you!

You are just in one step to multiply your money

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